Bring back the Exilim Pro

Dear Casio Please bring back the Exilim Pro Series. I still love the charm and fun of my EX-Pro700 (actually two one as backup). It feels lovely, evening if a bit rattly today. Ideally something in the same spirit as that, the G-Shock Polygon (my other love). Like the P700 was in the day, the fun futuristic alternative to the Canon G Series.

Ideally a 1” sensor like that of the Nikon 1 series or Sony RX100, a good sharp lens and some real Casio charm.

I see glimpses of that in the ZR1000, but the sensor is too small and the lens too soft. I’d happily have smaller zoom range, sharper lens, bigger sensor and that lovely metal construction I am used to, or even a nice G-like outershell.

Imagine an enthusiast camera without the need for a case.