Ainol Novo 7 Aurora

 Thanks to the videos of MrTasselhoff I have ordered myself an Ainol Novo 7 Aurora. I have been swithering about the Samsung Galaxy Note Vs S II for ages. As I have wanted a sub 9″ tablet for ages and I need a new phone. At the price the Aurora is I can easily afford a new Phone as well.

However the Aurora isn’t just cheap. There are plenty of cheap and nasty Android tablets on the market. The Aurora’s defects are either irelevant to me or can be patched in software.

Killer features:

  • Hitachi IPS 5 Point multi touch display
    • As much as my mates Advent Vega is nice, you just can’t see anything easily on the device. Aside from the MVA displays in Archos’s G9 devices and OLED in Samsung’s you need the viewing angles of IPS on a tablet. It can not be fixed in a position square on to the eye like a Monitor, TV or Laptop screen easily. So TN is out of the question for me.
  • 8GB of internal memory
    • I don’t want my apps and settings disapearing when I mount or swap my SD card
  • Real HDMI out
    • No fancy adapaters (MHL or Apple)
    • No Fuss
  • Form Factor
    • I find 9″+ tablets too big. My mates iPad 2 is too big , as is the Vega. Only the Transformer gets around this by being a Tablet/Laptop hybrid. Used my mates Tab 7.7 and was highly impressed by the form factor, I can hold it with one hand and use the other securly. The Aurora is .7″ smaller so benefits from being just right
    • Light, 40% the weight of a Vega and half the weight of the iPad 2
  • Ice Cream Sandwich and the power to use it
    • 1GB of ram
    • Dual Core 1.2Ghz CPU
  • Android 4.01 from day one