Galaxy Note Impressions

 I wandered into town today to see the Samsung Galaxy Note in the ‘flesh’. I have been intrigued by the Note for some time. Smartphones have reached a point where the phone aspect is just a small percentage of the value of the device. A good smartphone is your; walkman, video player, sat nav, portable computer, messenging device and phone. The Note takes this one more step and extends/adds in notebook and tablet. This thing runs at a higher res than most tablets and has a proper Wacom stylus not just a nasty resistive/capacitive job. So that’s why I went to see it, what did I find?

Firstly compared to my late 2009 Acer Liquid the Note is slick as Terry Thomas. Now I don’t have an S II or equivalent device so it might just be my muggle eyes being amazed. The stylus works great and the screen is fantastic. However it was locked in a stand, so I could neither judge the size for holding nor the  weight.  It is however extremely tempting. That 5.3″ display would make SatNaving and video playback amazing. It also uses both GPS and GLONASS the new Russian sat system. So you get double the amount sats to position you with.

In context: Just before Christmas I sold my Laptop to my Mum. I just didn’t use it, it was bulky compared to my phone and so much slower to start. I don’t like 9-10″ tablets they are just to big and too heavy. If I have to rest something on my knees why not just buy a netbook? No 7″ tablet has wowed me. The Note makes most look second rate, but I would expect that for £500+ of portable everything goodness Vs the £200 Archos 80 G9.

So it all comes down to do I want a do it all device or should I split between a Phone and a Tablet, where neither is a real beast.