HiDef musings

HD seems to be building up steam, but I am still amazed how inconsistent the current setup is and how much potential flux there is in the market.

TVs, HD TVs aren’t actually that hard to get and becuase of the slimmer design more can be sold in retail stores per square foot versus say old school CRTs. This seems to have prematurly bumped out technology that is quite valid for technology that seems to have a low amount of content available for it.

Broadcast TV, there is still no HD Freeview available, SKY and Virgin sell HD as a premium option. This contrasts heavily with the TV equipment market that is almost all HD now. So upscaling seems to be the norm and not ideal.

DVDs, DVD is still the King, HD-DVD seems to be failing in the face of Blu-Ray, but the protracted war has ment that another HD content stream is a trickle where it should be a flood. Upcsaled DVDs look nice, but why not just view them on a good SD screen?

Game Consoles, finally somewhere with real HD content and a vibrant constant supply. With the PS3 and Xbox 360 you have two estabilished systems both with a decent selection of HD Games.