Why does Apple rub me up the wrong way?

For many years I have had a nagging feeling about Apple and it’s products. I generally like what they do and many of their laudable aims, but they have really started to grate with me in recent years. I’m not entirely sure why, they are not any worse than many of their rivals and often have vision beyond them.

Maybe it’s the religious fever that their products inspire? I love tech as much as the average geek, but I have a general mistrust of religion and religious behavior. Considered opinion I can accept, blind faith I can not. I find this a wee bit of a problem with Nintendo, but to be honest I don’t dislike them for it. So maybe it isn’t that.

It could be the smug marketing and often almost inhuman level of polished message. I often can’t see the Woz for the Jobs in Apple these days. The geeky wide eyed tech fun seems to be buried in Aluminum and Glass. I do generally appreciate Apple’s sense of design, I often feel it can be a bit over minimalised at times and stubborn in it’s conventions, but in general is so much slicker than the competition. So maybe it isn’t the slickness.

I think my main problem is the fact that Apple don’t want me. That is to say the enthusiast computer user, used to building and maintaining my own machines. I don’t expect them to fully cater for me, but I do feel left out in the cold with so many un-upgradable hermetically sealed computers. Apple have an end to end business approach and I do not expect them to jack that in, really all I want is a Mac non-Pro, I don’t need a Dual Zeon £2000 workstation just a fun little tower that could inspire me and the budding Woz’s of the world.