The Awfullness of CS3 Icons

You may or may not be aware that Adobe has released a beta of Photoshop CS3, mainly I think to prove to those Intel Mac owners that there will be X86 versions on their way. There have been many posts of the subject so I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just state my opinion and offer some appropriate links.

I started off liking them for,  mmm, around 5 minutes untill I realised how essentially broken they are. The CS/CS2 icons are fairly broken, but examples like Icon Masks and the comedic Their Toolbar make the point quite well. BeckleyWorks makes a good arguement, unfortunatly he also links to the Icon Masks image, which is equally true in the pre-CS style squares. I’m happy with abstract, but really icons should be icons not minature versions of the finder label highlights.